Hermes has not finished to grow. In 2020, Hermes will launch a luxury cosmetic line products. After integrating parfums in 1930’s in his collection, and baths products line in 2014 including shower-gel, body milk and iconic scents face-care, Hermes is continuing to develop his brand. Make-up and care was declared, in April 2018 by Axel Dumas , to be launch in 2020.

Calendar and project has been confirmed the last weekend. This annoncement has been done by Guillaume Seyne (Number 2 of Hermes) in Le Monde newsweek during the “Hermes hors les murs” Show where Hermes is presenting his last news.

In 2014, the perfume branch of Hermes was beginning quietly a new sector of Home perfume. In sametime of a first tries in care and cosmetic with bath line products. Nowadays, Perfume branch is more than 5% of the total turnover of Hermes and continue to grow. Total of sell sould be more than 300 millions euros in 2019. Vendome MonteCarlo is time to time proposing you some perfume or bath product in our accessorie section.