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About Vendome Monte Carlo

Please find here under all answer about the most frequent questions you are wondering about our company.

Buy a product with Vendome

How to buy on ? is displaying the most reliable mirroiring of our stock at any moment. It can also happen sometimes, that some products not be displayed for availability problems or delayed delivery. For this reasons, we strongly advise you to contact us, if the product of your dream is missing on our product list.

How to pay (which payment method are allowed) ?

Currently, only one way of payment is allowed on, bank transfert on order of the product.

How products on are authentified ?

All products sold on are authentic brand products, provided with their original invoice from the shop as most as possible. If orginal invoice is not available, the customer is always clearly noticed. Due to expertise of our team, every products is clearly analysed to be assured of the authenticity of each products.

Can I book a product on ?

Booking a product for later is still not possible on However, you can still contact us on any moment to make a specific request and find the perfect product on the perfect moment.

Why to display products which are not unavailable anymore ?

It can happen that you find the product of your dream on our website, and unfortunatly you tried to order it one day too late ! Someone else bought it just before you …. On, we indicate to our customer, if these product is not available anymore. However, we can often make a special research for you in the goal to find you the same one, or the closest as possible.

Order and delivery

Can I cancel my order ?

Cancellation of order is unfortunatly impossible on If you really changed your mind, we still have some solutions for you that can avoid you to be disappointed. Please contact-us for more details.

How my order will be sent ?

Every order are specifically packaged with a package dedicated to the product to optimize both the protection and the cost of sending the product.

Can I track my order ?

As soon as the sent of my order has been validated by email, you will receive a tracking number with a direct link on the website of the carrier. only send product with DHL and FedEx all over the word in more than 60 country.

Can I be delivered in a PO Box ?

We can not deliver to PO boxes because of conditions imposed by our transport partners.

Your order will be delivered directly. deliver all over the world, and you will be able to track your order at any time. The price of delivery will be calculated at checkout.

Return and refund

Can I return a purchased product ?

You have the legal withdrawal period of 7 days from the receipt of the item purchased. Moreover, any claim related to a product that not prove consistent with the description must be made within a maximum period of 7 days following its receipt from us by email or registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. All items must be returned unused, in their state and sales descriptive and from the country where the order was shipped. The return costs are your responsibility. If you wish, we can arrange transportation, the cost of return (the same as the shipping charges) will then be deducted from the amount to be refunded. If, for any reasons, due or not of you, the product was not returned in the exact same state that it was originally ship to you, we would not be able to refund you 100% but only 50% of your original purchase (eventually deducted for your return shippinp fees if we manage it for you).

Sell a product with Vendome

How to sell a product on ?

There is two ways for the customer to proceed. Either will purchase your product (quickest). Either your product will be received in deposit and available for sale on (longest).

In the two cases, the experts of Vendome will examine the product you have proposed within 48 hours. If the object is selected and chosen to be sold by Vendome, our team will send you a commercial offer which you can accept or reject, with a sales office. To accept this offer, you will just return a confirmation of acceptance by email.

What is the comission of vendome for a deposit product ?

The commission applied by Vendome in the sale of your deposit object is completely transparent: it is 25% of the selling price of your item (excluding VAT).

Depending of the quality, age, state, brand and model of the product. And also to make easier sale of the product, can choose to decrease the amount of the comission.

How and when will I be paid for the sale of my deposited product ?

You will be paid by Vendome after legal withdrawal period of the buyer (7 days from the receipt of the item purchased) and within a maximum of 15 days following the payment by the purchaser. Payment will be made by bank transfer or check according to the choice indicated in the permission of sale.

What happens if my product remains unsold ?

If the object remains unsold after 30 days Vendome offers you an revision of the initial sale price. Option that you will be free to approve or deny. In this case, you get back your item on request. It will be redirected to you to the costs of Vendome.

I would like to speed up the sale of my product, can I decrease the price ?

If you even consider price proposed by Vendome is too high, or if you wish to speed up the sale, you still have the possibilitie to decrease the price of your item. To proceed please contact us at