Hermes exotic leather stamp guide

Much like using stamps for the date of production of their bags (see our guide here), Hermes also uses stamps when crafting bags in exotic leathers and on other particular occasions. We have compiled a list down below, hope it helps !

First and foremost, this stamp is located on the front of the bag, on the right side of the “HERMÈS PARIS Made in France” logo.

Porosus Crocodile leather

The Porosus Crocodile leather is an exclusive leather sourced in Australia and Southeast Asia. Bags in matte and shiny versions have a circumflex (^) stamp displayed near the brand’s logo.

Noir (Black) Porosus Mat (Matte)

Bleu Marine Porosus Lisse (Shiny)

Niloticus Crocodile leather

The Niloticus Crocodile leather is sourced from countries around the Nile River region such as Zimbabwe. Both matte and shiny Niloticus bags feature a double dotted stamp (··) next to the brand’s logo.

Noir (Black) Niloticus Mat (Matte)

Noir (Black) Niloticus Lisse (Shiny)

Mississippiensis Alligator

The Mississippiensis Alligator (commonly referred to as Alligator) is sourced from Alligators around the Mississippi River. Matte and shiny variants feature a square stamp ().

Emeraude (Emerald) Alligator Lisse (Shiny)

Noir (Black) Alligator Mat (Matte)

Varanus Niloticus Lizard

The Varanus Niloticus lizard leather is sourced from Varanus lizards living around the Nile River. Due to the animals size this leather is mostly available on smaller items. The stamp used for this leather is a dash ().

Étrusque Varanus Niloticus

Varanus Salvator Lizard

Varanus Salvator is a species found in Southeast Asia. The symbol used for the stamp is an equal sign (=).

Ombre Varanus Salvator

Hermès Special Order (Horseshoe bags – HSS)

Special orders are exclusive requests that only Hermes’ best clients get to make. As such, they get to choose their material, color and hardware without any additional cost for servicing.These bags are therefore very exclusive as the probability of finding the same special order bag given the range of choices available is close to none. The stamp used is, as its name suggests, a horseshoe.

The Horseshoe stamp as seen on Special Orders